Noble Fir

Our Specialty

Noble fir is an excellent choice for a Christmas tree. Its firm branches support ornaments beautifully, and, with proper care will maintain its freshness all season long. You will just love the brilliant green-blue hues that many of our Nobles have.

thick and full

thick and full

natural noble

natural noble

Do we want our Noble natural or thick and full?

Many people enjoy a bushy, hand-shaped tree, which is trimmed each year during the 7 to 10 years it takes to produce a Christmas tree. This effort is rewarded with a full, dense appearance. At the moment we are sold out of full trees, but there are many ‘little ones’ on their way for next year.

Our biggest supply is of natural Noble fir trees, which have layered branches for a natural look and more open space. These trees have stout branches that that can support heavier ornaments, allow ornaments to hang from the branches, and provide adequate space for tree candles, depending on your style. We are very proud of the traditional, old-world appearance of our natural Nobles.

Saws and tie-down twine are provided. Bring a helper; carrying a tree is a two-person job. Let us know if you need assistance.

Cash or check preferred; we can accept credit cards.


$45 any size

any size

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