vw bugNot Up for This Challenge? Ask for Home Delivery!

Harrison Road Farm opens Thanksgiving weekend, welcoming families for the traditional farm visit and search for “the perfect Christmas tree.” But if a crowded schedule—or the challenge of lashing a 12-foot tree onto a Bug-size car—has you looking for a solution, we have it.

This year, in response to customer requests, we’re offering a home delivery option for the Westside Metro area. Plus, we’ll be open weekday afternoons, by appointment only, if you need to get your tree on a weekday afternoon.

Choose & Cut Christmas trees—saws provided.
Quantity discounts available: 10 trees minimum.
Cash or check preferred; we can accept credit cards.
Free cocoa and candy canes for kids—of all ages!

A short drive west of Portland

From Highway #26, 3 miles west of North Plains, turn North on Harrison Road.
see map for details